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How to create a writer’s website copy? – An example.

This is a writer’s website I have decided to create for sharing my weekly blog posts. 

This writer’s website is created keeping in view for personal brand building and nudge visitors to join the email subscribers list.  

You can check it here.

The home page begins with a heading with a few words giving a taste of what the writer’s website is about. It includes a short meta title that supports the header. 

The homepage also includes the hero shot giving an idea of who the author is and describing in brief, the motive behind starting the blog.

On the other hand, below the hero shot, you can find a horizontal form inviting visitors to sign up for the newsletter. This way you can build grow your email subscribers.

Also if someone wants to leave the site, a  form will pop up persuading visitors to sign up for the newsletter with a free e-book. A similar form also pops up in the footer if someone scrolls below the page. 

Further, here is a separate page to invite prospects to the periodic newsletter

This is just a model showing how to write a website for a beginner writer. 

With some experience, you may include social proofs at the bottom portion of the home page and newsletter page. This may include comments on your posts or your newsletter about how your visitors or subscribers are interacting with your content and how it is helping them. 

You may check the blog here.

How to create a writer's website copy? - An example
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How to create a writer's website copy? - An example
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