Don’t feel overwhelmed. I will be using a four step process to make the best of our working relationship. 


As you contact me via the contact page, I will be sending you a brief questionnaire.  This will help me to collect crucial information about your project. In this way it will be easy for me to connect with your project and thus it will save us  both time.

Project chat:

I will go through all the information and links you have provided and get back to you within one working day . If we are a  good fit we will set up a meeting and put more light on the details. You may put me on a monthly retainer, if you need periodic content. I will provide you the best possible content on agreed timeline.

Starting out with the first piece:

Once we are done with the details, I will get to work once you commission the first content.  I will deliver your content within agreed timelines.


Now you get a chance to finally see the draft and make corrections. I will personally offer you up-to two rounds of revision for every piece of content, but your feedback will improve it more.